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Submit your case here and get a professional assessment within 12 hours.

We treat all cases, if we deem that there is a genuine possibility that the case will have a favorable verdict for the tenant.

The kind of cases we pursue includes:

  • Unreasonable refurbishment requirements – Financial accountancy regarding a move out – Too high rent
  • Incorrect consumption accounting

To make it simple for you, we have made a price table. We run with a 100% transparent payment model, so you will always know the cost – and with our variable payment model, you will never pay more than 20% of the saving we obtain for you (we do not take payment based on the total amount of the savings, only the amount you saved). See the price list here.

Our platform is a new digital solution, in which the case work is efficient and optimized. We have created a complex system in which the case is assessed through a digital process where the case work is compared with relevant legislation and case law. We assess your case with 4500 previous court rulings made by the Danish courts, as well as the rent assessment and housing committee. Simply put, we have digitized the entire process related to rent act issues, so that we can assess your case immediately after receiving it.

Our system automatically compiles case folders, which makes our own internal workflows incredibly fast. We always respond to every inquiries from landlords and the rent assessment committee within hours, to make the process as fast as possible. Unfortunately there will be landlords that tents to draw out the time, but we will constantly be keeping an eye on the development and contact the landlord, if they do not respond in time.

If the case goes to the rent assessment committee, the case will take an average between 6-9 months, due to this being the average time processing a case.

We promise to work efficiently and quickly (with the highest quality), so it is often the other parties we have to wait for. But we will keep you updated regularly, so you will always be a part of the process.

Are we not all getting tired of annual membership fees and expensive lawyers? We want to end that now with the new digital platform we have developed. We are using modern technology in a completely new way. Our cases are composed of over 4500 previous judgments, thus, streamlining the entire process. This efficient process is beneficial for you, since it allow us to complete cases for prices as low as 200 DKK (for a whole procedure). Just check out our price list here.

The first step is to clarify if you have a claim, which you can do here. The amount you are entitled to or if we can reduce the claim the landlord has against you, will depend on the specific case. What you are entitled to may be from a few hundred DKK up to several thousand DKK.

We have made it incredibly easy for you to submit a case. You have to answer questions 7-11 and then attach any related documents. We will then review the case. If the case is approved, then we will keep you updated and process the case on your behalf. You will always be able to follow the case on the sideline and whenever we receive new information, you will be notified immediately. The concept is made for you to relax at home while we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Landlords and their lawyers are well aware of our competence in what we do. They will contact you directly, even though they know that you are being represented by us. They will attempt to persuade you to accept less than what you are entitled to. If DIGURA has accepted your case, you should always contact us immediately, if this happens.

We make the process easy for you, so that you do not have to negotiate with the landlord yourself. We do it so you can follow the case from the comforts of your home while we take care of your case. But importantly, we are specialized in the rent act and we only deal with cases for tenants. We have high technological solutions where your case will be compared to more than 4500 prior cases, and therefore we will immediately be able to see if the case has a potential with a benefit to the level of service, quality and user-friendliness for you.

No problem! We at DIGURA are used to hearing stories, where the landlord has denied the claim and writes it off with bad excuses – where after that tenant accepts this. We at DIGURA will not tolerate this, which is why we are happy to assist you and pursue the case against the landlord, if it has potential and you are entitled to compensation.

To evaluate your case, make a definitive assessment and possibly pursue the case on your behalf, we need to know several things. This is to achieve two things; 1) a result of the highest quality – where user-friendliness and efficiency does not equal poor work, 2) that it is easy for you to use and navigate, opposed to a process including several phone calls, physical meetings and us asking for more information. We will make it easy for you the first time around.

The law prescribe that we enter a written agreement with our clients. We always provide all documents with their full content, so that you are not in doubt about what you are signing. It is not possible to bypass the signature, so instead we have chosen to make it as user-friendly and as secure as possible, with a form and NemID authentication.

We would never dream of sharing your information with a third party without obtaining your permission. We protect your privacy and would never share or sell your information. No matter the content. We have the highest respect for your privacy and our policy complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

You can do that as well, everyone can choose to take the dialogue with their landlord or conduct the case to the rent assessment committee. However, it is frequently seen that landlords and their lawyers overwhelm the tenant to where you do not get what you are entitled to or end up getting nothing. We have spent thousands of hours to get qualified with the tenant law, reviewing all the legal practices in Denmark, and thus knowing exactly what arguments we need to use, which cases can be won and how we win them.

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