Your rights as a tenant

The Rent Act has set a framework for how your rent is determined. It is unfortunately a very complex area, where it amongst other things, depends on the size of the residence, the year it was constructed, the condition of it, the location and number of leases in the property. The condition and content of the property of the property are also of importance. Therefore, we always recommend contacting us when issues of this subject arises.

In section 11 of the lease, the landlord has often imposed an extended maintenance obligation on the tenant. Many tenants are deceived by this obligation, resulting in the landlord requiring many things of the tenant that are not justified. Likewise, landlords are good at categorizing everything as a violation of the lease, even though it is only common wear and tear.

Since 2015, landlords are not allowed to demand a new renovation but, only normal renovation of the residence. We see a lot of tenants being deceived by this, resulting in the move-out being more expensive than it should. It is a subtle difference in when the landlords can demand this of their tenants. The help from DIGURA will be a great advantage for the tenant.

Chapter 7 of the Housing Act have a clear set of rules regarding a-conto payments, which types of distribution parameters that can be used. Also, there are formalities in relation to the payments that must be followed. There are some mandatory rules that protect tenants, and neither tenants nor landlords are usually familiar with these.

The Danish Rent Act is made to protect the weak party, which in this case are the tenants. These rules are mandatory and cover in all cases maintenance, rent, consumption, move-out and other areas. If you are familiar with the rules, there can be many cases where you are entitled to compensation. You can submit your case for a free assessment with us. Afterwards, we will let you know immediately if you are entitled to compensation.

Reduced rent is usually seen in two situations; where you have paid too much in rent and thus making it is too high, your rent will be reduced. Or maybe your landlord does not comply with his maintenance obligation and / or you do not have the usual available in your tenancy. In this case your rent will usually be reduced until the error is rectified.

It depends on the individual case, but it is usually in connection with your consumption accounting, if your landlord has charged an illegal fee or has taken money from your deposit that yourlandlord wasn’t allowed to.

It is entirely up to the individual case and situation. Some are entitled to thousands of kroner, while in others we can save you a double digit amount.

The Rent Act is formed in a way where you as a tenant are especially protected and is seen as the weak part. This means that you as a tenant, in most cases, do not need to pay your landlord nearly as much and that you have the right to compensation or your landlord must pay you money in some situations.

You can prosecute a case on your own, and both handle the correspondence with your landlord and resolve the issue with the Rent Act Committee yourself. Our services are only here because we do not wish for you to get any less than what you deserve or that you must spend a lot of time and risk getting cheated again.

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