DIGURA No Cure, No Pay

Case process at DIGURA

When we handle your case for you, payment is made via the No Cure, No Pay-model. This means that you will pay a maximum of 30% of the amount we have saved you. Therefore, there is no monthly payment – This means that you do not have to get money out of your pocket until your compensation has landed in your account.

It also means that if we do not win the case, you do not have to pay a penny.

No Cure, No Pay - How does it work?

Our process is three simple steps for the course of the case. We can help you if your landlord has retained your entire deposit, you have received an illegal rent increase or if your consumption account is missing, ect. We conduct cases where there are financial requirements to pursue. We can do it all for you – completely risk-free.

Get a free assessment

You fill out the form and attach all the relevant documents. Based on your information, we make a concrete assessment of your case, after which you will be informed whether the case has potential or not. You will receive the answer within 24 hours.

Let us do the work

If the case has potential, you sign a power of attorney, after which DIGURA makes the legal preparation of the case. We then initiate the case against your landlord, which we take while you do not have to do anything. You will of course be updated regularly as the case is being processed.

Get your compensation

Your case is concluded either with a settlement with your landlord or by the Rent Board. We will send the decision with our comments to you. If we win, you will pay DIGURA up to 30% of the amount obtained. Of course, if we do not win the case, you do not have to pay anything. Therefore it is riskfree for you.

Our most common No Cure, No Pay cases

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Do you feel scammed by your landlord?

Are you in doubt about whether you have a case? You can always get a free assessment. Then one of our advisers will get back to you with a message on how we can help you.