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Do you suspect that your rent is too high? Or maybe you just want to have an assessment of whether there could potentially be a case in connection with getting your rent reduced?

Either way, we are ready to give you a free and completely non-binding assessment of your case, so you no longer have to lie sleepless at night and wonder if you will be cheated by your landlord.

And if you want to get a little more knowledge about how the rules for rent determination, rent increase and other niches within the rent universe, then you can just read along here, where we will review the very basic things about rent.

How much do I have to pay in rent?

Let us address some of the most basic and at the same time central in relation to assessing whether the rent is set too high or too low, namely the rules for determining rent.  

The fact is that there are three different methods that can apply:

  1. Cost-based rent
  2. The principle of “the value of the leased property”
  3. Market rent.

You do not have the influence to choose which of the three determination methods should apply to your lease, but if you are aware of what is the basis for your rent, then you will also be able to get a better idea of whether you possibly pay too much in rent. 

Submit your information

Easy and digital.

DIGURA checks your rent

It is free of charge and risk free.

DIGURA can process the case

While we handle everything, you can relax.

Cost-based rent.

If your rent is determined according to the rules for cost-determined rent, then it is determined according to what expenses your landlord has in connection with running the property plus a reasonable supplement.

Before the cost-determined rent can enter into force, the following criteria must be met.

  1. Your lease must be located in a municipality where there is housing regulation.

  2. The property you live in must be listed before 31. 12. 1991

If the property was built after 31 December 1991, it will most often be the rules for market rent that apply in relation to determining the rent.

Of course, there are always certain exceptions that may apply in connection with cost-effective rent:

  1. Small properties
  2. Subletting of condominium, cooperative housing etc.
  3. Lease located on a roof that in 2002 was neither used nor registered as a residential property

The value of the leased property.

If you do not live in a municipality where there is housing regulation, then the rent will generally be determined according to the rules on “the value of the leased property”.

When it comes to the value of the rent, there are a number of criteria that are taken into account in connection with the rent determination.

We will briefly review the different areas below.

Newly renovated rooms

If you have one or more rooms in your rental home that are newly renovated, e.g. a bathroom, kitchen or the like, then the rent will automatically be higher than if there are no newly renovated rooms.

Number of square meters

Of course, the size of your rental home has an impact on the rent. The larger a rental property the higher the rent.


The location of your rental also has an impact on the rent. Therefore, rental prices will typically rise as we enter the larger cities. Especially when we hit the central areas of the cities, the rent will generally be higher than at the outskirts of the cities.

Age of the building and renovation

How old is the building your tenancy is in? And has your rental property been renovated?

Are you living e.g. for rent in an old property where your lease has not been renovated, then your rent should also be lower than if you live in a newly-renovated rental home.


Slightly in line with the question of how newly renovated your lease is, the furniture in your rental home can have an impact on the price level of your rent.

Is there a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, oven, stove, etc. These conditions can also affect the total rent.

Market rent

The third method of determination that can be applied in relation to rent is market rent.

Here it is your landlord who sets the rent, as long as it is not unreasonably high.

And then how can you assess whether your rent is set unreasonably high?

This will be a valuation case, but to give an example, an unreasonable rent would e.g. be DKK 25,000 for 50 square meters.  

How much would rent increase by?

One area where conflict and a bit of confusion can often arise is at the annual rent increases that many landlords demand at the turn of the year.

If we look into what the Rent Act says about rent increases , the landlord can easily be entitled to his claim. But there can also easily be situations where the rent adjustment has been made on the wrong basis, which in a way makes the rent increase invalid.

Let’s take a closer look at the conditions that must apply before an increase in rent is legal.

If the rent is lower than the value of the rent

Your landlord has the right to increase your rent if you pay too little. However, there are certain conditions that must apply before this can happen.

Although it is of course always nice with a cheap rent, the rent should match the value of the home that you rent.

If there is a mismatch in the relationship between the rent and the value of the rental property, then your landlord has the right to claim a rent increase.

Rise in rent according to the net price index

If your landlord regulates your rent according to the net price index , then your landlord can potentially make a rent increase once a year.

The net price index regulates prices and payments, so that these constantly follow the economic development in Denmark.

Before such a rent increase applies, your landlord must inform you of this in writing.

Here you must keep a close eye on the requirements under §11 in your lease , as it will most likely be stated here.

Cost-based rent

If operating costs increase in connection with your lease, then your landlord may require a rent increase. The increase in rent must thus compensate for the difference between the current rent and the rising operating costs

What happens if you can't pay rent?

If you as a tenant do not pay your rent, then your landlord can potentially be entitled to terminate the lease.

However, you must receive a written reminder where you get a 14-day payment deadline before the landlord can terminate the lease.

As a starting point, it is not a good idea to withhold the rent, even if the landlord does not meet his obligations.

You can read a lot more about what happens if you do not pay your rent right here.

How does a rent case function with DIGURA?

After you have submitted your case for a free case assessment, and we have assessed that your case has potential, the first step in the process will be to start a dialogue with your landlord.

Here we will submit our claim with a reasoned objection, which argues why that your rent is too high.

If we cannot reach an agreement with the landlord, or if we never receive a response to our objection, we will take the matter to the Rent Board . There is a Rent Board in all municipalities, which deals with disputes that arise between tenants and landlords.

When the Rent Board has dealt with the case, they will notify the decision to both us and your landlord, and we will then have the case upheld or our claim rejected.

However, we win the vast majority of all our cases, so it is very rare that we do not get approval from the Rent Board.

Check your rent with DIGURA

After you have now gained better insight into the rules that apply to rent determination and rent increases, you may be thinking: “Maybe I pay too much in rent”.

And if you want to know if your bad gut feeling also holds true, then you can just let us take a closer look at your situation .

In fact, we have also compiled a rent calculator where you have the ability to calculate your rent for the year 2022 so you can get a sense of whether your rent level is where it needs to be.