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DIGURA will take care of everything – anything from the assessment of the case to its completion. The only thing you have to do is submit your information on this page. After you have received your free assessment, you can choose if you want us to help you get your rent reduced.

We will not contact your landlord without your permission or anything like that. 

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Why do have the right to a rent reduction?

In Denmark, the Rent Act determines the legal framework of how much your landlord can claim in rent. There are, however, several regulations depending on the council where the tenancy is located, and for that reason it can be difficult to determine whether you are paying too much or not – also for landlords. Therefore we see a lot of internationals get cheated. 

Why choose us?

At DIGURA, we have two reasons: We have achieved a positive result for our clients in 96% of the cases and it is risk-free for you as a tenant.

You only have to pay us, if we actually achieve a result for you. Otherwise, it is completely free. There is no reason to pay DKK 700-1000 to a tenant association when you can get help from DIGURA and only pay if we actually win our case.

Are you afraid of being
scammed by your landlord?

Unfortunately, we see a lot of tenants being defrauded in relation to rent. We want to make amends. Get a free assessment of your case down below - Maybe we can get your rent reduced, remove illegal rent increases or something completely third.​