DIGURA No Cure, No Pay

No Cure, No Pay. You only pay if you save money

It is actually quite easy to describe our price at DIGURA: We take a maximum of 30% of the amount we save you. If we, unexpected, do not achieve a profit, our service is completely free. That means we have a “No Cure, No Pay” price model.

Practically, this means that we can process the case on your behalf, whether it is dialogue with your landlord or taking the case to the rent control board. We have won 98% of our cases, which means it is rare that our clients do not get compensation when they let us process the case. So, it is risk free for you to let us take care of your case.

DIGURA handles your case

You receive DIGURA’s assistance in leading your case and claiming compensation or reimbursement.

You get refunded

You receive your money as a result of DIGURA’s help.

DIGURA receives service charge

You pay DIGURA a service fee according to the total savings.

Example of the case process

1. Your landlord takes all of your deposit​

You are moving out, and your landlord takes your entire deposit of 15,000 kroner.

2. You contact DIGURA

You then contact DIGURA, whereafter we take over the case and save you your full deposit. You get to keep 11,250 kroner and we get 3,750 kroner. If we were not able to win any of your money back, your bill would have come to 0 kroner.

Let’s say that we were only able to save you 10,000 kroner and you still had to pay 5,000 kroner to your landlord, how do we then calculate the payment? In such cases, we will, of course, only charge you for the amount you saved and not the full amount.

This means that we only take 25% of 10,000 and not the 15,000. The 25% is including VAT.

Partial refund

Let’s say that your landlord claims 15.000 DKK to repair the floors. Thanks to DIGURA, the claim is reduced to 5,000 DKK. How do we calculate the price?

Of course, we calculate our price base on what we actually saved you. This means DIGURA’s service fee is settled in accordance with the total saving of 10,000 DKK and not the 15,000 DKK claim. 

The price is including VAT.

Contact us via phone or by sending an inquiry via our contact page if you have questions about the fee.