Why you should choose DIGURA to help with your tenancy case

Why you should choose DIGURA to help with your tenancy case

Why you should choose DIGURA to help with your tenancy case?

If you ask us, we believe we’re quite unique – but what matters is that you think so, too. In this article, we describe why we’re your best choice for a collaborator if you end up having any problems in your tenancy.

Why should you choose us?

DIGURA is different from the other players on the market – and we’re actually quite proud of it. We’ve had enough of expensive lawyer bills (haven’t you?) and forced contingent solutions with tenant associations. 

We are innovative, we use technology fluently, and we have the most competent experts in the field of tenancy law.

 At DIGURA, you can always get a free assessment of your case. We’ll compare your information with over 5,000 current settlements as well as with the Rent Act. 

If your case has potential for a favorable ruling at the rent assessment committee, DIGURA will offer to take your case. Furthermore, we offer a very beneficial price model: it’s risk free for you.

You only pay if DIGURA wins your case or enters a settlement with your landlord. This means that you never have to put your hand in your pocket until we’ve won your case.

It's risk free for you

It’s always risk free to get help – you only pay if we win.

  •     We take care of everything for you – you can relax and not have to spend any more time on your case.
  •     We’re experts in the Rent Act – you don’t have to acquaint yourself with complicated laws. 

We use technology we’ve developed ourselves in order to optimize your case. Together with our competent legal team, we ensure an efficient and smooth handling of your case that never neglects quality, expertise or excellence – all while getting you results faster.

 10 quick reasons why you should choose us: 

  1. It’s risk free for you as a tenant – you only pay if we win your case
  2. You can relax – we take care of everything for you
  3. We’ve developed complex software with more than 5,000 tenancy rulings from committees and courts that can assess and optimize your case
  4. You have your own personal advisor that you can always get in touch with
  5. We’re experts in tenancy law – it’s the only area of law that we focus on
  6. We are fully insured on the small chance that any mistakes should occur
  7. We use technology so that your case file includes wording of the Act, case law and pleading that’s tailored to your specific case
  8. We always keep you updated on your case, never leaving you in the dark about the process
  9. No upfront payment is needed – you don’t pay until we win
  10. We never escalate the conflict with your landlord. Instead, we open a civil and reasonable dialogue

What sets us apart?

We started DIGURA for two reasons. The first was the inconvenience of getting help as a tenant. Don’t you think it would be annoying to win a case, but then hand over your entire settlement to a lawyer that charges 2,000 kroner per hour? Or pay more than 1,000 kroner every year to a tenant association that doesn’t have the competency or desire to help you when it comes down to it? 

At DIGURA we’re entrepreneurs, but we’re also legal people with a proper approach to and understanding of tenants. We’ve created a digital solution that doesn’t rip off tenants for every claim, and at the same time, we’re among the most knowledgeable of anyone in the country with the Rent Act. We’ve published books on the topic and we regularly train several organizations on the Act. It’s this knowledge that DIGURA’s software is built on. 

The other reason we started DIGURA is that people, including us, don’t have time for bad communication. This includes a lawyer who doesn’t return your calls, a tenant association that’s only open two days a week… We could go on, but this is where we differentiate ourselves from the rest.

  •     You receive an answer on your assessment within 24 hours – often on the same day
  •     You’re assigned your own personal advisor that you can reach directly any day of the week
  •     We send automatic updates regarding your case so you stay informed
  •     You only pay for our services if we win your case – it is 100% risk free for you

What are our clients saying?

Hold on, wait and see! We can only talk so much about ourselves, but here you can see  reviews from people who have received help from DIGURA.
Recommend to anyone!
Ösp Sölvadóttir
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: I just loved their service, very straightforward and easy to get their help. I would recommend for anyone renting, who wishes to know more on their rights or might need help with the contract or any other issues that might come up like the deposit and rent! Have been making sure to recommend them to friends and family.
Professional, effectively talented team
Lily Le
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They are such a professional, effectively talented team. Their service is excellent and the cost is reasonable!
I felt accompanied and really understood with all my doubts
Pía Palacios Núñez
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They are simply amazing! Since I contacted them until I received the final email, I felt accompanied and really understood with all my doubts. Louise and Mads did an excellent job and they won the case! A tough case for me, where my ex-landlord tried to terrify me with the danish law and my no understanding about the danish rent system. I just can’t recommend them enough times !! Thanks a lot for everything !! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!
Acting with profound experience and legal expertise
Ιφικράτης Καμενίδης
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Excellent service for which I would like to give my highest recommendation to anyone who has been treated unfairly. DIGURA handled my case with absolute professionalism. All questions were answered and explained thoroughly while communication was quick at all times. Most importantly, the advisor who handled my case, achieved an outcome beyond what I would have expected possible. Acting with profound experience and legal expertise, achieved to restore the money that I would have otherwise certainly lost. DIGURA deserves my highest recommendation and I wish them the best success in their business!
Excellent service and the people there are really helpful
Alina Zota
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Excellent service and the people there are really helpful. I recommend them, if you are in trouble with your landlord.
Really committed
Constanza Bozo
Read More
Really committed with the people they represent, kind and efficient.

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