Why you should choose DIGURA to help you with your case

Thoughts behind DIGURA

If you ask us, we believe vi are quite unique – but most importantly we want you to think so too. We have described why we believe that we are the best choice of collaborator if you end up having any problems in your tenancy.

Why should you choose us?

DIGURA is different than the other players on the market – we are actually quite proud of that. We have had enough of expensive lawyer bills (aren’t you?) and forced contingent solutions with tenant associations. We are innovative, we use technology, and we have the most competent experts within tenancy law.

At DIGURA, you can always get a free assessment of your case. Our software compared your information with over 5,000 current settlements as well as the Rent Act.

If your case potential, i.e. there is a predominant chance of getting a ruling in favour of your case at the rent assessment committee, DIGURA offers to process your case. Furthermore, we offer a very beneficial price model – actually it is risk free for you – you only pay if DIGURA wins your case or enters a settlement with your landlord. This means that you never have to put your hand in your pocket before we have won your case.

Why should you get help from DIGURA?

Every month, we help thousands of tenants both via our membership solution and our case processing. When we process the cases, we achieve a positive result for the tenants in 98% of the cases. We are here to help you who are potentially being deceived by your landlord, and you who actually want to keep the money you are entitled to.

  • Free assessment of case
  • Risk free and no hassle
  • No Cure No Pay

It is risk free for you

It is always risk free to get help – you only pay if we win.

  • We take care of everything for you – you can relax and do not have to spend any more time on it
  • We are experts in the the Rent Act – you do not have acquaint yourself with a complicated law

We use technology that we have developed ourselves in order to optimize your case. Together with our competent legal team we always deliver results of the highest level. With these combined, we ensure an efficient and smooth processing of your case where we never neglect quality, expertise or excellence.

10 quick reasons why you should choose us:

  1. It is risk free for you as a tenant – you only pay if we win your case
  2. Du can relax – we take care of everything for you
  3. We have developed a complex software with more than 5,000 tenancy rulings from committees and courts that can assess and optimize your case
  4. You have your own personal advisor that you can always get in touch with
  5. We are experts in the tenancy law and it is the only area of the law that we focus on
  6. We are insured if any mistakes should occur against all odds should
  7. We use technology so that your case file includes wording of the Act, case law and pleading that is individually tailored to your specific case
  8. We always keep you updated on your case so that you’re never in doubt about how your case proceeds
  9. You never have to put your hand in your pocket until the case has been completed and you have won
  10. We never escalate the conflict with your landlord. Instead we always take a proper and reasonable dialogue

This is how a case works at DIGURA

You submit your case:
You fill out the formula and send in relevant documents

DIGURA assesses the case:
We assess your case based on the information that we have received.

If we find that your case has potential, we offer to process your case.

DIGURA processes the case:
Firstly, we initiate a dialogue with your landlord in an attempt to reach a settlement. If we cannot reach an agreement with your landlord, we will process your case at the rent assessment committee.

Finally, we complete the case and you receive your saving and DIGURA only takes a service fee of this saving.

Become legally secure in your tenancy for 49 kroner.

Are you afraid of being cheated or have you already experienced it?

You can become a member of DIGURA’s Care Pack where you can get help with your questions and tenancy issues. You can feel secure in your tenancy for only 49 kroner per month.

Benefits of membership

  • legal advice via hotline
  • Help to termination
  • Rent check when needed
  • Continuous check of your lease
  • And much more..

What makes us different than the others on the market?

The idea that based the foundation stone for DIGURA comes from two different places. One reason for starting DIGURA is the fact that it is too inconvenient to get help as a tenant. Don’t you think it is annoying to hand over all your profit to a lawyer that charges 2,000 kroner per hour. Or pay more than 1,000 kroner every year to a tenant association that doesn’t even have the competencies or desire to help you when it comes down to it?

We are entrepreneurs in DIGURA, but we are also legal people with a proper approach to and understanding of tenants: We have made a digital solution where er do not rip of tenants for every claim, and at the same time we are among the best with the Rent Act in the country. We have published books on the topic, we teach several organisations in the Rent Act, and we have built DIGURA’s software up around our knowledge.

The other reason for starting DIGURA is that people, including us, no longer want inconvenience, e.g. a lawyer that does not get back to you when you call, a tenant association that is only open two days a week. We could continue the list with examples, but this is where we differentiate us from the rest.

  • You receive an answer on your assessment the same day you submit it the latest 24 hours later
  • You have your own personal advisor that you reach directly all days of the week
  • We send automatic updates regarding your case so that you are always informed
  • You only pay for our services if we win your case – it is 100% risk free you

What are our clients saying?

Aren’t you convinces yet? Beneath, we have inserted our ratings from Trustpilot, Google and Facebook.


Do you want a free assessment of your case?

It only takes 2 minutes to fill out the form.
Afterwards DIGURA will assess your case and get back to you the same day.


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