Calculate your rent for 2022

Almost all leases in Denmark have written rent increases – and who would not want to know what to pay in rent for next year? Instead of having to spend time calculating your new rent for 2022 or waiting for a letter from the landlord, we have made a calculator for you, which can calculate your rent for 2022. Quite easy and free.

The calculator is made for leases, which have been entered into after 1 July 2015, where it is the net price index that must be used for rent increases.

Maybe your rent only increases a little – but have you considered that it can generally be too high? Check if your rent is actually fair right here.

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What should you be aware of?

The stair rental method may no longer be used

Leases signed after 1 July 2015 may not make use of the stair rental method for annual rent increases.  

Aconto payment next to the rent

Your landlord may not take on account payment for electricity and water next to the rent if there are no individual meters for the individual lease.

Additional services next to the rent

Your landlord may not take additional services that are not authorized by the Rent Act; This can be, for example, stair cleaning or a PBS fee.

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The data used is net price index data from Statistics Denmark, which is the official data for calculating the increase. We have taken the usual periods where the rent is adjusted every year on 1 January with the percentage increase in the net price index from the month in question 2 years before the time of adjustment to the month in question the year before the time of adjustment. It is based on section 53 of the Rent Act. We point out that the calculator is indicative and we can not be held responsible for errors in this, nor can it occur to landlords users other calculation periods.

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