Do you need help when moving out?

Does your landlord demand your entire deposit when moving out, has the landlord not obeyed the law regarding move out report or something third? Get a free and non-binding assessment of your case at DIGURA and let us handle your potential case.

How can we help you?

Unreasonably high cost of bills or the landlord has demanded too much

We see a lot of tenants where the landlords send out far too high bills or where the landlord refurbishes far more than necessary.

Haven't received a report when moving in and/or out​

There is a big chance that the law has not been obeyed if you have not received a report when moving in and/or out.

The landlord will not pay back your deposit

Does your landlord refuse to pay back your deposit or are you not able to get in touch with your landlord? We can help you. 

You have to refurbish more than the law requires

Many tenants still believe that they have to deliver the premises fully refurbished. Often, that is not the case – and that will save the tenant a lot of money.

No Cure, No Pay

How does it work?

You submit the case​

You fill out our formular and attach relevant documents.

DIGURA assesses the case

We asses your case based on the information that we have received. We offer to take your case, if we assess that your case has potential. You only pay if we win your case. 

DIGURA conducts the case

First, we enter into a dialogue with your landlord with a view to a settlement agreement. If this does not succeed, we will take the matter to the Rent Committee.

Afraid of being defrauded by your landlord?

Unfortunately, we see a lot of tenants being defrauded in relation to moving out. We want to make amends. Get a free assessment of your case down below - Maybe we can find errors in your lease or help secure your deposit in the future.