Consumption balance – Everything you should know as a tenant

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What are the deadlines for this, what should a consumer account accurately contain and what if the landlord does not comply with these rules? Get all the answers in this post.

The content of a consumption balance

A consumption balance must give the tenant insight into tenants’ share of the total expenses that the tenant has paid in consumption. In addition, a consumption account must contain information about access to opposition if the tenant disagrees with the content of the consumption balance. It must be stated in the consumption balance that objections must be made in writing and within 6 weeks.

Consumption financial year

As a starting point, the fiscal year for a consumption balance is from 1 / 6-30 / 5. However, there may be other arrangements in the lease. It is therefore important to check if you want to be sure of the deadline that applies to your particular situation. An exception to this is, if the property is supplied with heat from a public supply system. In this case, the financial year complies with financial year for the public supply system.

The annual accounts for water should as a rule follow the financial year of the municipality or the waterworks. However, the landlord may choose that his financial statement follows the heating year.

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The landlord must, as a general rule, have forwarded the consumption balance within 4 months after the end of the financial year.

Special rules apply for delivery from public utilities. In this case, the landlord must submit the accounts to the tenant within three months after the landlord has received the accounts from the facility, if that date is later than the starting point of 4 months.

The rules on these deadlines are indispensable and can’t therefore be waived by agreement.

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Exceeding deadlines

If the landlord does not comply with the aforementioned deadlines, he loses his right to demand reimbursement of the tenant. If the landlord sends you a charge after the said deadlines, this will not be valid. You should not pay a late bill.

Does your landlord require payment for your consumption, but have not met the deadline? Contact DIGURA here and we would like to take the dialogue with the landlord for you, and if necessary, we would like to bring your case to the rental board.

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