Do you have any errors in your lease?​

If your lease contains illegal charges, is written in an invalid typeform or has incorrect calculation it will be considered as errors. If you suspect that there are errors in your lease, or just want to be sure, you can send it your lease to DIGURA and let us handle your case.

How can we help you?

Invalid typeform​

If your landlord has not used the correct typeform in your lease, then it becomes invalid and violates the rules of the lease.

Illegal charges​

Additional charges to the rent may be entered in the lease section 11, but not all additional charges are legal to charge for.

Refurbishment agreed​

According to the new rental law per 1st of July 2015, it can no longer be required in the lease that the rental must be handed over newly refurbished.

Incorrect deposit and prepaid rent​

There are clear rules on how large the amount of prepaid rent and deposit must be, therefore there may be errors here as well.

No Cure, No Pay

How does it work?

You submit the case​

You fill out our formular and attach relevant documents.

DIGURA assesses the case

We asses your case based on the information that we have received. We offer to take your case, if we assess that your case has potential. You only pay if we win your case. 

DIGURA conducts the case

First, we enter into a dialogue with your landlord with a view to a settlement agreement. If this does not succeed, we will take the matter to the Rent Committee.

Afraid of being defrauded by your landlord?

Unfortunately, we see a lot of tenants being defrauded in relation to leases. We want to make amends. Get a free assessment of your case down below - Maybe we can find errors in your lease or help secure your deposit in the future.