Issues with your landlord?

Is your landlord demanding the full deposit when moving, or is your rent too high? Receive a free and non-commital assessment of your case at DIGURA, and let us take care of your case if it becomes necessary.

We help tenants with

DIGURA has helped tenants all over Denmark who have been unsure about moving in or out of a tenancy, rent, utilities or defects and maintenance i their tenancy. In fact, 98% of our clients have received compensation - we are proud of that!

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How does it work?



You submit the case

You fill out our formular and attach relevant documents

DIGURA assesses the case

We asses your case based on the information that we have received.

We offer to take your case, if we assess that your case has potential. You only pay if we win your case. 


DIGURA conducts the case

First, we enter a dialogue with your landlord in order to make a settlement agreement. We will take the case to the rent control board, if we cannot reach an agreement with the landlord.

Finally, the case is settles and you received your savings. We only take 25% of the saved amount.

Become legally secured in your tenancy

Join one of Denmark’s leading tenant associations, where we help you with your rights as a tenant.

Do you want to feel secure in your tenancy and avoid being deceived by your landlord? If so, you can get access to our care pack for 49 kroner per month. You get access to our legal hotline among other things. 

We help you all the way and secure you legally, so you always feel safe in your tenancy.

Membership from only
79 kr. / pr. month
  • The Care-pack
  • Free rent check
  • Free lease check
  • Free assessment of your case
  • Access to templates
  • Newsletter ''Tenants in Denmark''
  • Access to special guides
  • Legal advice via hotline

Facebook reviews

Hold on, wait and see! We can only talk so much about ourselves, but here you can see  reviews from people who have received help from DIGURA.
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Excelent service and the people there really helpfull. I recomend them, if you are in trouble with your landlord.
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I contacted many legal services in regards to landlord/deposit issues in the Copenhagen area after going through a ridiculous situation, amidst the pandemic. Digura was and has been the only legal aid service that has contacted me back and is willing to represent me throughout the ordeal. The outcome is uncertain at this time, but I am fully confident Digura will do their absolute best in getting a fair verdict and the appropriate refund that is owed. Furthermore, Digura’s counsel has kept me informed of the process and has communicated in a clear, respectful and professional manner. I could ask for nothing more 🙂 🙂 I can highly recommend consulting Digura for your needs if you have been treated unfairly within the Copenhagen housing & rental market.
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Excellent service for which I would like to give my highest recommendation to anyone who has been treated unfairly. Digura handled my case with absolute professionalism. All questions was answered and explained thoroughly while communication was quick at all times. Most importantly, the advisor who handled my case, achieved an outcome beyond what I would have expected possible. Acting with profound experience and legal expertise, achieved to restore the money that I would have otherwise certainly lost. Digura deserves my highest recommendation and I wish them the best success in their business!
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Very helpful and very professionals! Really recommend.

Useful advice and tips

DIGURA has Danmarks most developed database of articles within tenancy law. Here are some of our articles and guides.

Do you have problems with your landlord?

Unfortunately, we see a lot of tenants being defrauded in relation to rent. We want to make amends. Get a free assessment of your case down below – Maybe we can get your rent reduced, remove illegal rent increases or something completely third.​