Issues with your landlord?

Is your landlord demanding the full deposit when moving, or is your rent too high? Receive a free and non-commital assessment of your case at DIGURA, and let us take care of your case if it becomes necessary.

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  • Free assessment of the case
  • Risk and hassle free
  • No Cure No Pay
  • DIGURA takes care of everything for you

Areas where we can help you

DIGURA has helped tenants all over Denmark who have been unsure about moving in or out of a tenancy, rent, utilities or defects and maintenance i their tenancy. In fact, 98% of our clients have received compensation - we are proud of that!

We are also ready to help you. Get a quick overview here.

DIGURAs article about foreign tenants - deposit

Get your deposit refunded

Succeshistorie med Line

Get your rent reduced if it is too high

Nettoprisindeks som lejer

Get payments on account refunded

DIGURAs artikel om flytteopgørelsen i lejemålet

Get illegal charges refunded

Udlejere vil ikke have mandlige lejere

Get compensation for defects

How does it work?


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You submit the case

You fill out our formular and attach relevant documents.

DIGURA assesses the case

We assess your case based on the information we have received.

If we assess that your case has potential, we will offer to litigate your case. You only pay os, if we win the case on your behalf.

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DIGURA litigates the case

Firstly, we initiate a dialogue with your landlord with an aim to agree on a settlement. If we cannot reach an agreement with the landlord, we will then litigate the case at the Rent Control Board.


Wait a minute, look! We could talk for ages about our software and abilities, but here are reviews from people, who have actually used DIGURA – we thought you might like to read them. 

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Often, you don't know the rules and your rights as a tenant, and therefore DIGURA is a great help. A service that is worth your while and in a language that is understandable so that you can be apart of the whole process.
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Thank you so much for the help DIGURA. It has been a really awesome experience - it could't really have gone better as I got my full deposit refunded. Great service all the way through! Massive recommendation from me.
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Professional legal advice, where you can always expect a quick response. I have used DIGURA several times, and it has been a success every time. They have helped with everything. They have my recommendation.
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Quick and easy assessment of my case, which resultet in a cheaper solution and shortened processing time 👌 Nice to avoid a slow process where you don't get your money's worth and feel overlooked.
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I suspected that my rent was too high. DIGURA confirmed my suspicion, and they helped me save 550 kroner per month. That is amazing when you are a student! 100 % recommendation from me!
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My landlord withheld my full deposit, after I moved out. DIGURA helped me save 12.000 kroner. All the way through, Mads has been available and took care of everything.

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Become legally secured in your tenancy

Join one of Denmark’s leading tenant associations, where we help you with your rights as a tenant.

Do you want to feel secure in your tenancy and avoid being deceived by your landlord? If so, you can get access to our care pack for 49 kroner per month. You get access to our legal hotline among other things. 

We help you all the way and secure you legally, so you always feel safe in your tenancy.

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49 kr. / per month
  • The Care-pack
  • Free rent check
  • Free lease check
  • Free assessment of case
  • Access to templates
  • Newsletter "Tenants in Denmark"
  • Access to special guides
  • Legal advice via hotline

Get useful advice and tips

DIGURA has Danmarks most developed database of articles within tenancy law. Here are some of our articles and guides.

DIGURAs artikel om flytteopgørelse - moving out

Calculation of removal costs – What are the rules?

DIGURA hjælper med at udregne huslejen

Why you should use DIGURA?

DIGURAs artikel om forbrugsregnskab

How does the utility report work?

DIGURAs artikel om at betale for meget i husleje i ens lejemål

Are you paying too much in rent?

DIGURAs artikel om flyttesynet

Final inspection - what do you need to be aware of?

DIGURAs article about foreign tenants - deposit

Get as much as possible of your deposit refunded

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