Does your landlord demand the full deposit upon vacation or is your rent too high? You may be entitled to a rent reduction or refund.

You can get a free assessment of your case at DIGURA.


 Easy. Simple. Risk-free.

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Case work


You submit the case through our website or app

We assess the case within 12 hours

We either approve or reject the case

The case work is done digitally

We handle the communication with your landlord and the rent assessment committee

We keep you updated regularly

We inform you immediately when the case is settled

We send you the verdict and explain its content

You receive the entitled compensation


Hold up, wait, take a look! We can go on and on about our products, but here you can read reviews from people who have actually used it.

Super easy system, and very user friendly.
We got all our money back from our landlord after DIGURA helped.

Michael Hansen

Clear and transparent case processing. I was surprised that they only took a percentage of what I actually saved.

Pernille Storgaard

Cheap and good legal counseling in a difficult situation when you are a student. 5 stars from here.

Katrine Pedersen

Do you suspect your landlord is scamming you?

Most tenants do not know about their rights and are being swindled for a considerable amount of money.


Get ready for moving in

Ready to move into your new apartment? In this guide, you can read about what you need to be aware of before moving into a new tenancy.

Get most of your deposit back

What should you be aware of when moving in and out, in order to get as much of your deposit back as possible? Read about it in this guide. 

How to terminate your lease

For some, it may be difficult to terminate a lease agreement. In this guide you can read about the most appropriate way to do it. 

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What cases can DIGURA help with?

Moving out

We can assist if problems arise at the time of vacating the tenancy. This may, for example, relate to the moving out inspection, the inspection report, termination, and repeal.


Are you in doubt whether you or your landlord are responsible for the maintenance or does the landlord simply not fulfill their maintenance obligation? DIGURA is ready to help you.


We can help in situations regarding accounting of consumption, both in regards to ongoing consumption and supplementary billing. Many of the rules in the rent act are absolute binding for tenants, but without knowledge of their rights, many tenants are scammed by their landlords.

Additional payment

If your landlord collects unlawful additional payment for services such as washing stairs, renovation or anything else, then DIGURA is ready to assist you.


We will assist you in the case that your lease suffers from defects. It can both be in the case that you have been required to rectify the defect yourself, but also in the situation where your landlord does not fulfill their obligation to repair the structure and exterior of the premises etc.


DIGURA can help you in the event of your landlord charging a too high rent. It could both be in situations where the rent was already too high when you moved in, or that the rent has increased regularly in accordance with the rent act.

Landlord's access

Has your landlord gained access to the lease without your permission? Your landlord must respect your privacy and the right to the lease. We will be available to assist if your landlord cannot accept this.

Other things

We can also help in other situations not mentioned here. We have by now seen all kinds and types of cases, which is why we have a great expertise in the tenancy law. Our knowledge of the rent act is comprehensive – therefore we will always be ready to help.

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