Download free template for termination of a lease

Download free template for termination of a lease

Template for termination

Do you need a template for termination of a lease? You can download it easy and free here. Are you going to terminate your lease and are you in doubt about what the termination should look like? DIGURA has created a free termination template with all the necessary information included. The template takes, among other things, the payment of your deposit and the re-letting obligation in account. 

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If you got any questions about your relocation, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you as soon as possible. 

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Every month, we help thousands of tenants both via our membership solution and our case processing. When we process the cases, we achieve a positive result for the tenants in 98% of the cases. We are here to help you who are potentially being deceived by your landlord, and you who actually want to keep the money you are entitled to.

DIGURA - as easy as possible

At DIGURA, we want to make the law easy to understand. At least as easy as possible. Thats why we, among other things, have made it possible for you to download a termination template in word format completely free of charge. This is not the only place we want to simplify law. We do altså offer you the opportunity to download a free lease. We want to help tenants as cheaply as possible. Are you paying too much in rent? Did you not received your money from your deposit back? Do not hesitate to contact us! Click on “Get free assessment” above and tell us about your case. We asses your case for free and if it has potential, we offer you to conduct the case. You only have to pay us, if we win the case. You pay us 25% of the saved amount. 

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