How to fill out a lease in Denmark

How to fill out a lease in Denmark

How to fill out a lease in Denmark

How to fill out a lease agreement – We have probably all tried it or will do it in the future; signing a lease. But how do you actually fill out a lease and what should you pay particular attention to?

Type Form

Before we start talking about filling out a lease, it is important to have the right type form. If the lease is signed after July 1st 2015, ONLY use Type Form A9, with the exception of rental agreements relating to subsidized housing.


The structure of a lease is simple. It contains a total of 12 sections that guide you through different subjects. They are reviewed one by one below.

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Section 1 - How to fill out a lease agreement

The first point in completing a lease is naturally § 1. In Section 1, it is essentially more practical and informative. For instance, Section 1 contains the information about the type of residence that is in question. In the rent law one primarily distinguishes between 5 types of residences:

  • Apartments
  • Single rooms
  • Condos
  • Cooperative housing
  • Subletting

In the same section, the landlord must state his full name. In case of company activities, its CVR number must also be stated.

The number of rooms and total size of the residence and which facilities are available.

These facilities will subsequently be available to tenants throughout the rental period.

Section 2 - How to fill out a lease agreement

Section 2 contains information about the rental period and termination.

Here is the specific date when the tenants are allowed to move in and the length of the termination period. The notice of termination may be shortened or extended. This should be written in section 11 of the lease, which we will cover later in this article.

Finally, in Section 2, it must be concluded whether the lease is time-limited or unlimited.

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Section 3 - How to fill out a lease agreement

Section 3 of the lease contains payment of rent.

Section 3 covers the annual rent without consumption, and if the rent is to be paid each month or every third month. The typical practice is every month.

It is also here that a-conto payments are included. Section 3 of the lease agreement lists:

  • A-conto heat
  • A-conto water
  • A-conto electricity
  • A-conto cooling
  • Contribution to residents’ representation
  • antenna Contributions

There are strict rules in relation to the charges of a conto. It is required, among other things, that each residence has its own meters to measure the consumption. It is also not allowed to require payments for renovation, staircases, automatic bank payments fees and other creative fees.

Section 4 - How to fill out a lease agreement

Section 4 contains deposit and prepaid rent, which is an essential factor in completing a lease.

There are strict rules for this area in the Danish rent act, which means that the landlord is only allowed to require maximum 3 months of rent in deposit and 3 months of rent in prepaid rent.

Please be aware that you have the right to use the prepaid rent paid during the termination of your resignation, so that you do not pay rent as you have the prepaid rent.

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Section 5 - How to fill out a lease agreement

This is structured as a checklist in regards to consumption.

There is a large correlation between the a conto charges mentioned in section 3 and the section 5 crossings listed here.

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Section 6 - How to fill out a lease agreement

Here we find information about shared TV cable, etc. and access to electronic communications services.

It is often stated here if the landlord supplies a TV signal to tenants in the building, whether there is internet connected, etc. The price of these services must be included in section 3 of the lease.

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Section 7 - How to fill out a lease agreement

The condition of the residence when moving in is found in Section 7 of the lease.

The landlord is usually required to conduct a move in and move out inspection and this is where the condition of the residence is determined. If this has been done, just tick “yes” in this section.

Please note that in most cases where the landlord is obliged to hold this inspection but does not do so, the landlord loses all his claim to the deposit.

Section 8 - How to fill out a lease agreement

The contents of section 8 of the lease deal with maintenance of the residence.

In this section, only the maintenance obligation must be stated. In most cases, this obligation comes upon the tenant. Should the landlord be the one responsible for the maintenance, the he must set up an account in which the tenant can put money to be used for maintenance.

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Section 9 - How to fill out a lease agreement

What furniture belongs to the residence?

Again, a simple checklist, indicating what inventory the apartment has. There is also the possibility that additional things can be added later on.

Section 10 - How to fill out a lease agreement

Here the landlord must fill in whether there is a resident’s representation, whether domestic animals can be kept, whether there is a given house order and whether other information is relevant to the tenant. Please note that other terms are NOT to be added here.

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Section 11 - How to fill out a lease agreement

Landlord’s special terms.

This is where the landlord tends to be a bit creative. All other terms must be included here. However, if what the landlord writes deviates from what is allowed according to the Danish rent act, this term will be declared invalid.

Section 12 - How to fill out a lease agreement

The last point is the signature.

There is probably not much to say about this, except that the rental agreement becomes binding upon signature. Please note that multiple conditions in a lease may be void, but the lease as a whole will always be valid.

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