Moving out statement – what are the rules in Denmark?

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Have you received a moving out statement? You are not alone. Read here and get an insight into the most important rules and be sure that the landlord does not scam you.

What is a moving out statement?

The moving out statement details the amount the landlord can use regarding repair when you vacate your residence. Thus, the moving out statement must include the cost for every repair to be made. Different formalities apply to this, as discussed below.

Vacating inspection and report

The obligation to conduct a vacating inspection applies to landlords who lease more than one residential apartment at the time of departure.

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If your landlord leases more than one apartment, they must do the vacating inspection within 2 weeks after the landlord has become aware that the tenant has been vacated. The landlord must call you for the inspection with 1 week notice. If the vacating inspection has not been carried out within the 2 weeks, the landlord loses the right to demand payment for the repairs made.

If your landlord only leases one apartment, the landlord has a 2 week deadline to let you know what to fix and what the price for this is. The deadline starts from the time the tenant handles in the keys. If the landlord does not report this within 2 weeks, the landlord can’t, as a general rule, demand payment for defects in the lease.

The obligation to hold a vacating inspection applies to landlords who lease more than one residential apartment at the time of departure.

The content of the move out statement

There are specific requirements when it comes to the moving out statement. According to one of these requirements, the paper must have a clear indication of how much money the landlord will spend for each repair in the residence.

If the oven has been replaced and the residence has been newly painted, the cost of each of these renovations must therefore be shown separately in the moving out statement. If you receive a moving out statement, where it is only stated “refurbishments: 10,000 kr.”, then the statement doesn’t meet the specification required.

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Deadlines for the move out statement

The rental Act has not laid down rules about time limits for money transfer. However, it is clear from case law that the tenant must, as a rule, have received the transfer report 4-6 weeks after relocation.

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