The best websites to find rented accomodation in Denmark

The best websites to find rented accomodation in Denmark

Finding a new apartment can be a challenge, and it doesn’t get easier when there are so many accomodation websites to choose between. We have tried to help you with an overview of some of the sites.

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It can be overwhelming to find a new home. The good places are in great demand, especially if you want to live in a central location in the bigger cities. Even though it can be a jungle to find the right apartment, we have made it more manageable by creating an overview of some of the most popular sites.

The majority knows this site with good reason. It is one of the accomodation sites with most available rentals, and it is often used by accomodation hunters. It can be difficult to get hold of the attractive apartments as they get snatched really fast.

One of the catches with (and most other accommodation sites actually) is that you need a membership to be able to contact the landlords. It can, however, be worth it. They offer 4 trial days for 29 kroner where after it costs 298 kroner per month.

Good advice

  1. Make sure to fill out your profile with your wishes and a presentation of yourself. You become more attractive to landlords and sometimes the accommodations are not listed on the site – the landlords simply contact potential tenants.
  2. Create a Search Agent. By doing this you get an email every time a new apartment matches your wishes, and you are then able to contact the landlord as one of the first ones.


Another option is which is also of the bigger players on the market. They aim for simplicity, which they certainly live up to. It is very easy to find your way around the site, and the filter search options makes it easy to adjust the different parameters.

It is a very clear overview of the apartments, the overall information and a brief introduction of the tenancy. However, the same does for this site as the previous one. You need to be a member to get contact information, but luckily they only charge 28 kroner per month.

Good advice:

  1. also offers a search agent, and they claim that 60% of those who found an apartment had signed up to the search agent.
  2. They have made a list of DOs and DON’Ts about finding and choosing a tenancy.

Website: has a big range of rented accommodations, and the site is easy to navigate through. You get a clear overview of the available apartments that matches your search. You not get free access to the landlords’ information, but this also a rarity on these sites. 

You can get hold of the landlords’ contact information with their 5 day trial of their info pack for 29 kroner, where after it costs 299 kroner per month.

Good advice:

  1. Min offers a search agent that notifies you when a new accommodation i live and it matches your wishes. The search agent is free and after a week it works both as a search agent and the info pack – you can then discontinue the info pack within the 5 days and settle with the search agent.


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Why should you get help from DIGURA?

Every month, we help thousands of tenants both via our membership solution and our case processing. When we process the cases, we achieve a positive result for the tenants in 98% of the cases. We are here to help you who are potentially being deceived by your landlord, and you who actually want to keep the money you are entitled to. is another site you can use to find your next home. On the site, you find a long list of available tenancies, and it is easy to find the ones you are looking for. On one side, there is a long list of the different cities that takes you directly to the city you are interested in. You can, of course, do a search with your specific preferences. states that you with a free user you get access to certain landlords’ contact information, while you need to be a paying user to get access to others. Just be aware that you have to see the majority of contact information.

Good advice:

  1. The advantage of is that they charge you weekly. It costs 79 kroner per week, and the advantage here is that you are not bound for a whole month if you only need access to one or two landlords.


On, you are met by a nice layout where they have really thought about user experience. Boligsurf is different from the rest, as they are the only site that has introduces that you need to log-in with NemID. It makes it more secure for both tenants and landlord and ensures that you do not come across frauds.

If you want to get in touch with landlords, it is necessary to pay. They offer their introduction package for 19 kroner the first 6 days. After this it costs 299 kroner per month.

It is also possible to create a search agent that notifies you about new accommodations that matches your requirements.

Website: is one of the newer accommodation sites. The layout is easy to navigate through and gives a clear overview of the different apartments and rooms. This site does not have as many available accommodations as some of the others, however, taking into consideration that they started out in 2019, there has been a tremendous progress. 

In order to get access to the landlords’ contact information, you need to create a search ad. You can create one for 19 kroner for 3 days, and hereafter you have to pay 299 kroner per month. If you also want to be notified when a new accommodation is posted, you can create a search agent – just like the ones mentioned on the other sites. This might give you the advantage you need to find the perfect home.


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Become legally secure in your tenancy for 79 kroner.

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If you can become a member of DIGURA’s Membership, you can get help with all your questions and tenancy issues. You can feel secure in your tenancy for only 79 dkk per month. has been on the market for a long time – actually, it is one of the oldest compared to some of the others we have been through in this article. It is not the site with most available accommodations, but they do have a long list of apartments and rooms to choose from. Moreover, it is easy to find your way to the relevant accommodations.

You can create a free search agent just like the other sites offers. If you want to get in touch with a landlord, it will cost you 29 kroner for first 4 days. After this, it will cost you 299 kroner per month.

Website: is not a traditional accommodation site, as it is addressed to tenants, who are search for a room or have an available room. Flatshares are especially popular in the bigger cities, where the rent is often really high. It can, therefore, we good choice to rent a room instead of a whole apartment.

Maybe you are a student and the budget does not allow you to rent a whole apartment. Maybe you just think it’s more fun living with a roomie. No matter what the reason is, is a great site to find a room or rent one out. 

The site offers a clear overview of both available rooms as well as the people who are looking for a place to live. It is easy for both parties to find a match. You can get hold of contact information for 15 kroners for 3 days. After this, you have to pay 299 kroner for 28 days.



Has Facebook become an accommodation site? Not quite.. However, there are really good possibilities of finding a place to rent on Facebook – and it is free. There are several ways in which you can search for a new home.

Most accommodation sites have a Facebook page, where they post new rental accommodations that makes it a good place to keep yourself updated. You do, however, have to be aware that they usually link to the homepage. This means that you still have to pay to get hold of the contact details. 

Facebook groups have also become popular to search for rental accommodations and rooms. To some degree, they work like the traditional accommodation sites, which we have presented in the article. There are typically groups that are specific for the different cities around Denmark. 

Good advice: You should not forget your own network. It can a good idea to let your network know that you are looking for a place to live. Perhaps, someone in your network has an available apartment or room or know someone who has.

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