10 things to be aware of when moving in a new apartment (In Denmark)

10 things to be aware of when moving in a new apartment (In Denmark)

What should you as a tenant pay attention to when moving into your new apartment? DIGURA gives you 10 tips when moving into a new apartment.

1. Check the apartment

Inspect the apartment before you move in, to make sure you know what you are renting and in what condition it is in.

2. Consider the size of the rent

The second step before moving is to pay attention to the size of the rent. It is not allowed to charge too high rent. The rent must be determined based on the value of the residence. All apartments in the same area should be in the same price range. Use your common sense to assess whether the price is acceptable.

If you are in doubt about the rent, you can use our rent calculator and check if the rent is too high. You can find this free calculator here

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3. Who is listed as a tenant in the lease?

It is also important that before moving in, you keep in mind how many people are moving into the apartment and who will be on the lease. For example, if you are moving in with your boyfriend and you are not on the lease, you may not be entitled to stay if your boyfriend and you break up and he moves out. Likewise, if you move in with a couple of friends, it may be a good idea that everyone is on the lease.

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4. Is your rental agreement time limited?

Is your lease time limited? And what is due to the time limit? According to the Danish rent act, the lease may only be time limited if there is a specific reason for the limitation.

5. The condition of the apartment

If your landlord is leasing more than one apartment, the landlord is obliged to conduct a so-called move in inspection, in which you go through the condition of the apartment together. If the landlord neglects this, it may have consequences for their right to your deposit.

During the meeting, you also have the opportunity to ask about various things, as well if there are any damages to the apartment that still needs to be repaired. It is therefore a good idea to keep in mind whether your landlord is obliged to conduct this kind of inspection. This is written in section 7 of your lease if you have a Type A9 lease.

6. Take pictures of the apartment

It’s a good idea to take pictures of your apartment and save somewhere (possibly on a drive, usb, dropbox / similar). This can be used to compare the condition you received the apartment in, and the condition of your apartment when you vacate. In addition, if anything is damaged throughout your rental period, you should photograph this.

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7. Payment of deposit and prepaid rent

According to the rental agreement, your landlord can charge a maximum of 3 months in deposit and 3 months of prepaid rent (not including consumption). It is illegal to require cash payment.

Keep in mind that the deposit is only to cover damages you have caused. Hence, the landlord cannot justly spend this money on anything he likes.

The prepaid rent is to cover the rent in the termination period. If you move out before time, the landlord must attempt to re-let in this period. If he does so successfully, you are entitled to a refund, because the landlord is not allowed to earn double the rent.

8. Once you have moved in

After you have moved in, you have 14 days to fill out a list of defects and send it to your landlord.

You will not be held liable for any defects written on this list. Pay particular attention to the paint, moldings, cracks in the ceiling, scratches in the floor, windows, stove etc.

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9. Everything must be in writing

Even though you have successfully moved in, you should still be aware of avoiding oral agreements with your landlord. For example, there are a lot of small deficiencies in the lease, and your landlord verbally says that he plans this to be rectified within 3 weeks of your rental period, so get it down in writing. This is to help you in possible future conflicts, if they do not uphold their promise.

10. Payment of rent

The Danish Rent Act gives you as a tenant some options in relation on how you pay your rent. You are entitled to pay through a banking system. Most often, the landlord sends an invoice to which you can register this for automatic payment through your online bank.

However, sometimes, but rarely, the landlord believes that the tenant must pay their rent in cash. We strongly urge that you Don’t, and instead refer to the above mentioned payment options that you have as tenants. Keep in mind that your landlord is not entitled to terminate the lease if you refuse their cash payment requirements.

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