10 ways your landlord may be tricking you in Denmark

10 ways your landlord may be tricking you in Denmark

We often see that people get cheated by their landlord. We will do everything we can to avoid that – we have collected an article about the 10 ways that tenants most frequently get cheated. 

Are you getting cheated by your landlord?

Do you think the Rent Act is complicated? Are you worried that you might have been cheated by your landlord? Or are you in doubt whether your landlord obeys the rules or not? Don’t worry, many tenants feel the same way, and we understand why.

Unfortunately, it is quite likely that this is happening. Therefore, we have made a simple list for you with situations where your landlord may not follow the rules and where most tenants are being cheated. Note that the guide is made for Rent contracts signed after the 1st of July 2015.

1) Rent increases based on the Price Index

The first thing we often see, when one has been scammed by his landlord, is related to the new Rent Act. According to the new legislation, rent will not increase based on fixed percentages or amounts set by the landlord. Instead, the rent should be increased based on the net price index; otherwise the annual increase is not valid.

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2) The lease is written on an obsolete type form (Type Form A, 8th Edition)

On 1/7-2015 a new type form came into effect; Type A, 9th edition (also called Type Form A9 in everyday language). The A8 has therefore expired and may no longer be used. The consequence of landlords using the wrong type form is that the content of the lease will be declared void and as a result, the lease will be regulated by the Rent Act.

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3) You are required to pay for renovation and stairwell cleaning

In order to claim additional services, it requires a legal basis in the Rent Act. The rent act states that services for renovation and stairwell cleaning should not be paid by the tenant. Therefore, it is not legal for the landlord to demand separate payment for these services. Tenants who have paid for services that do not have a legal basis, can require a refund if the payment happened no later than 3 years prior.

4) You pay on account (a conto), but there are no individual meters in your residence

To pay on account is to pay for your water and electricity consumption in advance. The amount is calculated based on your previous consumption and may be subject to change. You usually pay on account with your rent or every third month. Do note that a conto is not a part of your rent, but a separate payment. Once a year, your actual consumption will be calculated, and based on your usage, you will either get some of your money back or pay extra. If you do not have individual meters for your consumption in your residence, you are not required to pay a conto. The landlord must make water and electricity consumption a part of your rent, and the amount has to be fixed. A conto payment with no individual meters is not legal.

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5) You must pay for "reconditioning" upon relocation

Halfway in the list of things where you may have been cheated by the landlord is regarding reconditioning. In the new rental act, landlords may no longer require renovations, but only normalization of the apartment such as painting . That is, landlords can no longer claim payment for wear and tear.

6) You are denied permission to sublease

The Rent Act has a clear set of rules for when a landlord can or can’t deny a tenant permission to sublease their residence. If it is allowed according to law, not even a section 11 agreement in the lease can deny a tenant this right.

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7) Your landlord is unjustifiably accusing you of making damages

While staying in the lease or upon moving out, the landlord suddenly accuses you of damaging something in the residence. This is why it is always a good idea to make a list of defects and take many pictures of the residence.

8) You are charged with a larger amount of maintenance than you should

If you are not subject to an extended maintenance obligation in Section 11 of the lease contract, internal maintenance ONLY applies to painting of ceilings and woodwork, wallpapering or painting the walls as well as lacquering of floors.

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9) "An oral agreement is not valid"

Many tenants are told by their landlords that an oral agreement is not valid and must instead be written. This is not the case in Denmark. However, you must be able to prove the validity of the oral agreement, e.g. with a witness.

10) You pay too much in rent

The last item on the list of where you may be cheated by your landlord is the rent. It is a classic that the tenant pays too much in rent. Often, landlords simply determine a rent, which they believe they are entitled to. However, there are very clear rules on how the rent should be calculated and what to consider. This is why we often see many tenants paying too much rent.

If you think any of the above items may apply to you or if you have other questions, we advise you to seek professional consultation. Being cheated in any kind of situation can cost you a lot of money if not addressed in time.

Get legal advice and avoid being deceived

This topic can be very complicated as a tenant. The above is to be seen as a general guidance and not as downright legal advice. We always recommend that you contact us to ensure that you get the proper necessary legal advice that is relevant for your specific case.

You can get help with this topic but also any other matters you may have. Unfortunately, we see many tenants that are being deceived. Often, they miss out on a lot of money – anything from a couple thousands to 30-40,000 kroner. Imagine what else you could spend the money on.

Let us help you

At DIGURA we are always available and easy to reach, you have your own legal advisor, and best of all you only pay if we win your case. Therefore, it is risk free for you to get help from us.

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If you are unsure about anything in the article, our team is ready to help in the chat. You can find the chat in the bottom right corner.

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