Final inspection report when renting in Denmark

Final inspection report when renting in Denmark

What do you need to know about final inspection report? How does the move out work, and what should you pay attention to in terms of deposit? Here are 5 tips regarding deposit.

Has your landlord prepared and provided you with a first inspection report and a vacating report?

If you, as a tenant, do not know about your rights regarding moving out, it often result in an unjustifiable loss of large portions of your deposit. In this article, we will go through some of the things you should pay special attention to, if you want as much as possible of your deposit back.

The first thing you as a vacating tenant should be aware of, is whether your landlord has prepared and provided you with a first inspection report and a vacating report.

As a tenant, you are not required to leave the residence in a better condition than you received it.

Your landlord must also expect a certain amount of deterioration, in terms of normal wear and tear.

With a first inspection report and a vacating report, you are ensured as a tenant not to be liable for defects that were already present at the time of your take over. This means that your landlord cannot claim your deposit for repairs, if you have not received both reports. You are entitled to get your full deposit back.

It is important to note, if your lease was signed before or after the 1st of July 2015. If it was signed before and the residence was renovated before your move in, your landlord may claim your deposit to renovate the residence upon your move out.

If your rental agreement was signed after the 1stof July 2015, it is only a requirement that you leave the residence “normalized”. This involves the necessary whitening, painting, and wallpapering of walls, sanding, and painting of floors, as well as painting of wood and iron.

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Why should you get help from DIGURA?

Every month, we help thousands of tenants both via our membership solution and our case processing. When we process the cases, we achieve a positive result for the tenants in 98% of the cases. We are here to help you who are potentially being deceived by your landlord, and you who actually want to keep the money you are entitled to.

What you need to know about move-out report and final inspection report

If your landlord rents more than one apartment, he must call you in for an inspection no later than 2 weeks after he has become aware of your move out.

This must be done with a minimum of one weeks ‘notice, if nothing else has been agreed upon.

It can also be agreed in the lease that the call-in will be made digitally. If the lease is signed after the 1st of January 2018, digital call-in is a requirement. If these requirements are not met, the landlord cannot claim your deposit.

At the final inspection, your landlord is obliged to make and provide you with a vacating report.

This can either be a physical report or a digital report, sent to you by email.

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As a tenant, you are required to sign the vacating report at the final inspection, IF you agree with its content. If you do not 100% agree with its content, it is always a good idea to wait with signing it. The landlord is also required to sign the report.

If you are not present or refuse to sign, you must receive the vacating report no later than 2 weeks after the final inspection. This can be done by email.

After receiving the report, you should send an email back where you approve its content.

If you have any uncertainties regarding your rights or the lease, it is important that you ask your landlord during the final inspection. We also advise you to bring an acquaintance. If you have any documentation of defect that where present upon your move in e.g. the pictures, we recommend that you bring them for the final inspection.

Get legal advice regarding final inspection report and avoid being deceived

This topic can be very complicated as a tenant. The above is to be seen as a general guidance and not as downright legal advice. We always recommend that you contact us to ensure that you get the proper necessary legal advice that is relevant for your specific case.

You can get help with this topic but also any other matters you may have. Unfortunately, we see many tenants that are being deceived. Often, they miss out on a lot of money – anything from a couple thousands to 30-40,000 kroner. Imagine what else you could spend the money on.

Let us help you

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