Are you going to sublease a room or a whole apartment in Denmark?

Are you going to sublease a room or a whole apartment in Denmark?

How to sublease a room or apartment - Download lease.

How to sublease a room og apartment? Are you going to sublease a room or a whole apartment? Subleasing is a rent agreement between two tenants, and a type form A9 lease should be use. In section 1 you tick off subleasing. Download the type form below.

Download the lease immediately? Click here.

It is very important that when you are going to sublease an apartment or room that all formalities are in order. Many subleasing tenants are using homemade leases, but we strongly recommend using type from A9 instead. Type form A9 takes everything important into account and it is made to be used for subleasing as well.

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Below we have listed some things that you must be aware of regarding sublease.

When reviewing the lease, watch out for:

  • Be aware of section 3 in the lease, which states how much you have to pay in rent, and make sure that the subletting tenant does not earn money on the sublease (this is not allowed)
  • Make sure the subletting tenant only takes what they are entitled to in terms of deposit and prepaid rent (no more than what corresponds to 3x monthly rent in deposit and prepaid rent each, so a total of 6 months’ rent)
  • Make sure the subletting tenant is subleasing by the rules and has informed their landlord about it
  • Read Section 11 of the rental agreement thoroughly, since this is where everything deferring from the general lease is usually written.
  • It is important that you know your obligations regarding maintenance and what condition the residence should be in when you move out

We hope you found this useful on how to sublease a room or apartment. Right below you can download your type form A9 lease, ready to be filled out. 

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